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Quality & Environment

A wide range of cables and wires produced and tested by ICS Industrial Cables Slovakia s.r.o. is made in accordance with the requirements of following standards and specifications:

• National and international standards like STN, UL / CSA, DIN VDE, EN, IEC, DIN, ÖVE

• License requirements of UL / CSA, ÖVE

• Customer specifications

• ICS Technical specifications

• Testing standards

 The quality management system was established and certified in 2007, only a few months after the production initiation. The certification was executed by Bureau Veritas, which keeps performing regular annual surveillance and recertification audits in our company. Equally important milestone in the history of the company is the acquisition of licensed ÖVE production in 2008 as well as successful introduction of licensed production in accordance with the UL / CSA requirements in late 2012. High standard of products and production conditions is verified regularly by an independent UL inspector at least 4 times a year.

From the very first moment we have followed principles that are described in our quality policy. Above all, it is our commitment "to ensure high quality of all products by introducing standard procedures, to find effective solutions, to increase workers' expertise and to improve the established system constantly."

Along with these roles, we do not forget safety at work or environmental protection. We are fully aware of that the greatest value are people who work for the company and perform their work at a high professional level. We manage our production in a way that the environment is being burdened only to the necessary extent, following all statutory regulations and limits.