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Since 2007 we have been producing a broad range of highly flexible cables in Nitra. We are not only a young company but we are also equipped with some of the most innovative facilities in Europe and have a team of more than 90 young, highly motivated staff.

We are known for our flexibility and our commitment. We always go the extra mile to find optimal solutions to meet even the most complex of customer requirements. Our in-house product development allows us to react in a very individual way and ensure rapid implementation of new products. Furthermore, we know no limits when it comes to quality and precision. Our own testing laboratory and our R&D department are but two examples.

We are fully aware of the importance and of the high demands placed on our cables under industrial conditions and in the field of automation, and that is why we set ourselves the highest possible standards. Why don't you do the same? And enjoy the benefits of our commitment to quality.


Turnover > 25 mil. €

Number of employees > 90

Export share > 90%

Production volume > 30.000 km cable / year

Production area > 12.000 m²



SKB-GROUP is an operatively-lead family business. The foundation-stone was laid in 1891 by our great-grandfather. Even today, after more than 130 years, we still put emphasis on the basic values of a family business: reliability and responsibility.


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We at the SKB-GROUP have been operating as an owner-managed family business for over 130 years. This long-standing and successful tradition would undoubtedly not have been possible without a strong grounding in clear ethical and moral principles. We aim to continue to implement this integrity in our everyday business and consider the personal responsibility of every single employee to form an essential part of this commitment.

This Code of Conduct and its associated regulations are not seeking to „invent“ new approaches. Instead they aim to clearly demonstrate the obligations we must fulfil nowadays.


Europacable Industry Charter

SKB-GROUP is a member of Europacable and signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter. The Charter expresses our commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.

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SKB-GROUP is a member of Europacable and signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter


A wide range of cables and wires produced and tested by ICS Industrial Cables Slovakia s.r.o. is made in accordance with the requirements of following standards and specifications:

• National and international standards like STN, UL / CSA, DIN VDE, EN, IEC, DIN, ÖVE

• License requirements of UL / CSA, ÖVE

• Customer specifications

• ICS Technical specifications

• Testing standards

The quality management system was established and certified in 2007, only a few months after the production initiation. The certification was executed by Bureau Veritas, which keeps performing regular annual surveillance and recertification audits in our company. Equally important milestone in the history of the company is the acquisition of licensed ÖVE production in 2008 as well as successful introduction of licensed production in accordance with the UL / CSA requirements in late 2012. High standard of products and production conditions is verified regularly by an independent UL inspector at least 4 times a year.

From the very first moment we have followed principles that are described in our quality policy. Above all, it is our commitment "to ensure high quality of all products by introducing standard procedures, to find effective solutions, to increase workers' expertise and to improve the established system constantly."

Along with these roles, we do not forget safety at work or environmental protection. We are fully aware of that the greatest value are people who work for the company and perform their work at a high professional level. We manage our production in a way that the environment is being burdened only to the necessary extent, following all statutory regulations and limits.


Test Center

The Instrumentation of testing laboratories in ICS Industrial Cables Slovakia spol. s.r.o. meets the most challenging quality requirements. Besides routine tests on incoming materials and finished products, we perform various type tests and a significant number of tests in the development process of new products. Furthermore, we execute operational and in-process testing of semi-finished products, fire resistance tests in accordance with European and US-Canadian standards, long-term flexibility tests of cables for energy chains (i.e. Drag Chain Cables) in real conditions, long-term aging tests at higher temperatures, low temperature tests and many others.

Individual tests are performed in accordance with the licensing requirements of UL / CSA, ÖVE, technical standards for individual types of cables, customer technical specifications and other various requirements for product design and development.

The quality of our products is proved by the number of certificates and customer approvals.


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